Pinball Machines at Chicago’s Expo

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29th Annual Chicago Pinball Expo

The most highly anticipated trade show of its kind, the 29th Annual Chicago Pinball Expo was truly a sight to be seen for any gamer looking to be dazzled. With a wide turnout and a slew of incredible pinball machines to behold, the event took place from October 16 to October 20th and was filled with a wide array of activities, including a tournament, seminars, guest speakers, tours, parts and game sales. This special event, open to the public, continues to bring forth a new fan base for the history of pinball machine games and beyond. Showcasing various genres of pinball machine and games of other variety, the expo caters to a host of fans, vendors and collectors all hoping to catch a glimpse of something new and extraordinary.

pinball gameArcade Attractions

Among the newbies showcased at this year’s expo was the upcoming Predator pinball machine, a special edition game currently being developed for 250 collectors. This pinball machine contains an R-rating due to its use of uncensored character quotes and bloody props, surely a perk in the eyes of devoted fans of the highly popular franchise.

The Chicago Pinball Expo displayed a range of awesome devices both new and old. This year’s main attraction displayed a section devoted to custom games built using the P-ROC controller board, an undoubtedly cool opportunity for gamers. Also in attendance this year was Wrath of Olympus, a game that was once intended only to be virtual, but was converted into a pinball machine by its creator.

In addition to plenty of informational and hands-on activities for dedicated fans to take part in, the Chicago Pinball Expo also hosted the Flip-Out 2013 Pinball Tournament, an annual challenge for pinball wizards to compete against other masters at the craft.

New Pinball Machines and Technology

There was a wide variety of custom-built pinball machines that would impress even the most seasoned of pinball players. For instance, thrown into the mix was the hand airbrushed Matrix machine, built off a Williams Johnny Mnemonic. Also in appearance was creator Ben Heck’s America’s Most Haunted, an upcoming pinball machine revolving around paranormal investigators. With a cool new color display and updated rules and animations, Cactus Canyon Continued also made a splash. In addition to these cool new devices, the X-Pin boasts a brand new white LED dot matrix display, customizable with theater gels. Not to mention, a custom Sonic the Hedgehog pinball machine was presented, much to the delight of fans of the 90s classic.

Among many innovative creations, a 1982 Varkon remake brought a welcome change of pace. Its unique look, like that of an arcade cabinet with a real pinball inside, was a treat for those accustomed to only the traditional models of pinball machines.

Though there was no shortage of awe-inspiring pinball machines to behold, there were those that incited squeals of delight from adoring fans. The Big Lebowski, the 1998 cult classic starring Jeff Bridges as The Dude himself, is said to have been made into an up and coming game that will no doubt entice fans both young and old.

Centipede Game: The Origins

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When reminiscing about the days when video games were the hottest thing since bell-bottoms, you’re likely to recall the few tried-and-true classics that bring forth an instant sense of nostalgia. It’s these very games that provided an instant escape from the days of adolescence. From pizza joints to grocery stores, old arcade games are always a reliable source of fun for all ages.  Among the most classic of the bunch are Pac-man, Space Invaders, Pong and the Centipede game.

Though these games are popular and beloved beyond measure, today’s average gamer may have absolutely no clue as to how these groundbreaking inventions in entertainment history came to be. Like other great inventions throughout history, these awesome arcade games of yesteryear went through years of development.

Vision and Skill

It may come as no surprise that behind every great game lies a greater computer programmer, someone with the skill and patience to perfect these highly complicated products of technology.  It can take years of formal training to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to gaming, and there are indeed a select few who make the advancement of the gaming industry possible today.

Centipede, one of Atari’s earliest games, had a maker unlike many other computer programmers of that time . As the first woman in her division at Atari, Dona Bailey, along with programmer Ed Logg, rocked it in all senses of the word. As a former computer programmer for General Motors, Dona Bailey knew little about video games, but paved the way for a new generation of gaming and a newfound significant female fan base with the creation of the Centipede game.

The Popularity of Centipede

Released in 1981, the Centipede game took the world by storm in a flash. Intergalactic bug-zapping for only a quarter? Why not?! Even in these times, it would prove hard to resist such a bargain. Offering an escape from the everyday realities of the 80s, the Centipede game remains one of the most popular games of all time. Thanks to Dona Bailey and her trailblazing, Atari gained a ton of new fans and thus solidified itself as one of today’s most well-known pop culture products to date. The exciting plot of the Centipede game continues to inspire today’s breed of “shoot ‘em” games.

Though there are still great strides to be made for women in the heavily male-dominated gaming industry, women like Dona Bailey sure let their impact be known. Inspiring a variety of spinoff games since its birth, the Centipede game has been released on a wide range of consoles from the Xbox 360 to the iPhone. Due to the everlasting desire for humans to battle centipedes, spiders, scorpions and fleas, the Centipede game is forever cemented into gaming history and will continue to serve as a classic icon of old school gaming for decades to come.

Rec Room Complex in Vegas Brings Family Fun and More to Vegas

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Vegas has long enjoyed the nickname of “Sin City.” What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Okay, so maybe it’s not the iconic family-friendly destination that it briefly tried to be during one bizarre period in the ’80s, but one Vegas entrepreneur hopes to change all that. Troy Freeman is in the early stages of building what he hopes to become a nearly 20-acre venue which caters to families during the day, while serving the adult population at night.

The complex is being pitched as the world’s greatest rec room, with a Cheesecake Factory, a TGI Friday’s, miles of bowling lanes, cinemas, and games galore. The $110 million project, which is being called Twenty3’s, hopes to see the light of day by 2015. “This is that project that really reaches out to different people at different levels,” Freeman was quoted as saying to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Family-Friendly in Vegas

Movies and bowling lanes are great, but Freeman’s vision includes much more. For instance, a fully equipped arcade will include 150 games, and a 400-seat venue will be available for concerts, comedy gigs, live theater, high school events and much more. For the parents out there, this rec room to end all rec rooms will even include daycare.

So if you have kids and are wild about Las Vegas, this may be excellent news. No longer will your entertainment options be limited to the trapezes of Circus Circus and the squeaky clean humor of Louie Anderson. Once Twenty3’s opens its doors, you’ll be able to provide your kids with the full casino experience, albeit without the gambling, the drinking or the embarrassing arrests. But 2015 still feels like a lifetime away, and you don’t need the bright lights of Las Vegas to enjoy the ultimate rec room experience. In fact, you can bring the rec room into your own home.

asdfCreating the Perfect Rec Room

Have you ever dreamed about turning your basement, den or spare bedroom in the rec room of your dreams? It’s not as difficult—or as pricey—as you may think. All you need is some furniture, a couple of table games, a pool table, perhaps a makeshift bar, and—if you’re really ambitious—some cinema seats with a high-definition TV for movie viewings.

Yes, this all sounds very expensive, but there are ways of making your rec room dreams an affordable reality. At Game Room Champ, we carry a wide variety of affordable game room essentials, including arcade games, table games, pinball machines, and much, much more. And when it comes to rec room development, you don’t have to accumulate everything at once. The secret is to start out with a couple of essentials (maybe a pool table and a TV), and gradually build the room of your dreams. Check out Game Room Champ to see an array of affordable ideas and options.

Arcade Games for Sale from Game Room Champ

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When you’ve got a thirst for dominance and a craving for the nostalgia of your childhood, Game Room Champ has what you need to satisfy you in our extensive selection of arcade games for sale. Whether it’s Pac Man, Centipede, Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong, only the games of yesteryear will provide the overwhelming sense of nostalgic excitement rarely found anywhere else. Shopping for arcade games can undoubtedly prove a tough task, but when you need a hand, Game Room Champ is there every step of the way.

asdfServing as the largest game room retailer in the world, Game Room Champ prides itself on offering quality customer service with each of its arcade games for sale. With over 2000 timeless and awesome games to choose from, a selection larger than any online arcade game store, they’ve got loads of stuff you just can’t find in your local video arcade game shop. As the #1 game room retailer in the nation, Game Room Champ strives to carry an array of games and devices with the necessary power to appeal to the entire family. Whether you’re 8 years old or 80, Game Room Champ’s enormous stock is sure to contain a range of arcade games for sale that are just right for you and your home or business.

Infinite Playing Variety

Whether it’s fighting games, shooting games, driving games or anything in between, our huge selection of arcade games for sale are sure to get the kid in you jumping for joy. In addition to a host of totally popular and beloved arcade games like Star Wars, Terminator and the tried and true Ms. Pac Man herself, Game Room Champ offers its fair share of other games including dome hockey, foosball, pinball machines, and shuffleboard, among many others.

Looking for something a bit more modern? Our collection of dance games is sure to get you moving. Why hit the gym when you can hit your game room for a little exercise? Game Room Champ has a game for every occasion, and you needn’t hesitate to ask questions from our trained experts.

Shop Game Room Champ

Always reliable and with the background to prove it, Game Room Champ offers certain perks not found in other arcade game stores. With affordable pricing and a technical support to offer assistance throughout the entire life of your game, our No-Worry, Hassle-Free Shipping Process & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee exist for your superior customer service experience.

Contact us for information regarding top selling games, collectability, reliability and game ratings to ensure you find the best possible game for you and your family. As the number one game room retailer in the nation and beyond, we’ve got a reputation to uphold and aim to please. Call now or browse our wide selection of arcade games for sale.

Pool Tables for Sale from Game Room Champ | Get to Know Our Collection

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Games come and go, but the truly timeless games never go out of fashion. We may have long forgotten about pogs, rounders and even the Commodore 64, but the classic game of pool is as popular now as it ever was. Not only is it highly addictive, but it just oozes cool. Think of classic Hollywood images, like that of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. leaning over a pool table in Robin and the Seven Hoods, or Paul Newman dominating the table in The Hustler. If you don’t have a pool table of your very own, it’s time to check out the pool tables for sale from Game Room Champ.

The Southport 9′ Pool Table

If you’re truly passionate about pool, you’re going to want to check out the Southport 9′ Pool Table. This is our ultimate pool table for hardcore players, a full-sized billiards powerhouse just like the ones used by the pros. We’re proud to include this in our lineup of superior pool tables for sale, because we’re passionate about the game ourselves, and you just won’t find anything else like this for the price.

The Bayside Pool Table w/ Dollar Bill Accepter

If you have a need for electronic pool (perhaps for your business), this is your ultimate option. The Bayside Pool Table w/ Dollar Bill Accepter includes an array of options for players, including rack play, time play, speed pool and much more. You can even offer varied pricing, discount pricing and free play. The power is in your hands.

Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table

If bumper pool is your game, you’ll definitely want to check out the Tiger Cat Bumper Pool Table. Featuring gorgeous jewel mahogany wood grain laminate and a solid imported slate bed, this is easily one of the best bumper pool tables for sale today. It looks incredible with any décor, and it’s even fashioned to return the correct color balls to each side.

8′ Extera Outdoor Pool Table

If you need your pool table to survive the elements outdoors, your standard billiards table just won’t do. You need the 8′ Extera Outdoor Pool Table, which is designed to thrive in any environment. It’s great for summer barbecues, house parties and general outdoor fun, and it’s sold at an extremely competitive price, so you can enjoy top quality pool at an excellent value.

asdfFind the Best Pool Tables for Sale

At Game Room Champs, we’re crazy about pool, and we only carry the best pool tables for sale. The recommendations in this article are just a small subset of the many eclectic options we have available, so while you’re here, be sure to check out the complete selection. Become a pool shark in your own home, and make the party come alive.


Bowling Games App Review: Rollabear

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Bowling games have come a long way in recent years. Believe it or not, there was a time when one had to physically drive to a bowling alley, rent a lane and roll a heavy ball along a narrow aisle toward an alignment of unsuspecting pins. Those were trying times for us all, but thankfully, technology has made it so that we can enjoy the wonders of bowling without actually having to get up off the couch. At first, our options were limited to poorly rendered Atari bowling games which consisted of little more than dots moving across a screen toward other dots. But now, our bowling games are challenging, exciting, and bursting with resolution. Case in point: Rollabear


Rollabear – A Bowling Game for the 21st Century

Rollabear is, simply put, virtually bowling without limitation. Think Country Bear Jamboree meets Wii Bowling, but without the need for a traditional console. You can enjoy Rollabear on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and if you have $1.99 to spend, it’s well worth the investment. The game combines elements of strategy, humor and absurdity to create the ultimate app bowling experience. The animation is stunning, and the high-res backdrops alone are worth the price of admission.

But I fear that by comparing Rollabear to other bowling games, I’m actually selling it short. Rollabear is actually much more than that, combining aspects of classic platform and action games, for an overall experience that is quite unlike anything else you’ll find in the App Store. Use simple controls to navigate the bears through an increasingly troublesome series of challenges as you hone your bowling skills and chuckle at the irreverent bits of humor peppered throughout the animated landscape.

At first, the game seems mind-numbingly simple and even predictable, but give it a bit of time. After lulling you into a false sense of security, the game kicks into high gear. Suffice it to say, it just might become your new addiction. Currently, Rollabear is only available for Apple devices, but the company has announced that the app will soon be available for Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone. So if you can’t get your hands on this irresistibly adorable game yet, just be patient.

Games that Never Go Out of Style

So maybe simulated bowling games won’t turn you into the next league champion, but they’re a great way to pass the time. At Game Room Champ, we also carry a wide variety of exciting bowling games, such as Silver Strike Bowling, which is so stunningly realistic that you’ll wonder why you ever wasted your time in an actual dark, smoky bowling alley. Granted you can’t carry it in your pocket, but it will definitely be a big hit at your next party. Get a copy for yourself, and check out Rollabear for some portable excitement.

Arcade Games “For Sale” by the State of California

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In an unusual move by the State of California, the City of Glendale is being forced to sell off $100,000 worth of vintage arcade games in order to pay off some debts. Confused? Yeah, it’s definitely not your typical arcade games “for sale” story, but Glendale reportedly owes a lot of money to Sacramento, and it all stems from a 2010 redevelopment effort.

According to reports, the city purchased a building that had once housed an expansive video arcade, filled with valuable vintage games including Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and even a two-seat edition of the popular racing game Sega Initial D Arcade Stage Version 3. That game alone is being valued at a cool $9,000 due to its scarcity and popularity.

asdfThe End of an Era

Originally, the city had intended to turn the building into a “Museum of Neon Art,” and there were several high-profile efforts to save the collection. Even actor Zachary Quinto (known for his work as Spock in the recent Star Trek film franchise) participated in one such benefit. In the end, however, Glendale was legally unable to maintain the collection.

The problem isn’t lack of funds per se, but rather a question of ownership. The city purchased the old building through a redevelopment agency that has since been dissolved. As a result, all assets associated with the purchase have been frozen, so even if the City of Glendale was willing to pay for the games, such a transaction would likely not be possible, because once the assets are unfrozen, state law requires that the goods be liquidated, and the cash sent to Sacramento. So, sadly, it looks like you won’t get to revisit your arcade-loving childhood at a Glendale museum any time soon.

Arcade Games “For Sale”? 

Are you looking to pick up some top quality arcade games “for sale”? You better save up your pennies, because according to the Glendale News-Press, the entire collection is valued at nearly $109,000. Nevertheless, the buyer may be getting a deep discount, because even though the fair market value places the games at more than a hundred grand, analysts estimate that the collection will realistically bring in about $40,000.

Of course, you don’t have to shell out that kind of cash to seize possession of great classic arcade games. At Game Room Champ, we carry a wide selection of vintage arcade games “for sale” at competitive prices. Just check out the full inventory, and build your own homage to the iconic 80s arcade. They just don’t make them like they used to.